Denis Apchin


Denis Apchin, President 

Apchin Design Corp.

"I had the privilege to work with Keri-Lynn for many years during her
co-ownership of Okanagan HOME magazine. Not only am I grateful that
she chose to feature many of my projects, I am also grateful for the
crafty wording Keri-Lynn always comes up with to create interest and
share facts in her stories.

"Keri-Lynn is a beautiful soul, full of compassion and kindness. She
has an uncanny ability to draw from her many life experiences and
write confidently on any subject matter. Regardless of the pressure of
deadlines, Keri-Lynn always produced excellent content. She is a
seasoned professional! If you are looking for creative, accurate copy
from a super nice person you need not look any further!"

Matthias Wiltschko


Matthias Wiltschko

Bowyer, Author

"I really love how Keri-Lynn is working and it gives me great
opportunity to learn how sentences are written properly in English.
She makes precise comments on how to change the text for the better.

"With her help I can rest assured that my books are comprehensible to
everyone. Her proofing plays a big role in the success of my books."

Raymond Oelrich


Raymond Oelrich, Publisher

Hawaii Real Estate Guide

"I relied heavily on Keri to do the design, proofing and content of each story. She never let me down, not one time! I highly recommend her for any project. Often Keri would get the content from our clients at the last minute, or with endless changes and each time she was able to help us meet our tight deadlines.

"Within every publication, we had dozens of Realtors offering multiple listings, often with mistakes in each one! Keri spent countless hours scrouring through them, checking for accuracy to ensure the Realtors were not at risk with inaccurate listing information.

"She helps me with my current projects and websites and will be my proofreader for life!"