Professional Writing, Editing, Proofreading and Research Services


"There is nothing to writing. 

All you do is sit down 

at a typewriter and bleed." 

 ~ Ernest Hemingway

Why does writing matter?

What mistakes say about you.

Typos in your copy, whether in an email, newsletter or advertising, might tell potential clients that you are not careful, rushed, too busy, or worst of all: just don't care.

Make yourself clear.

In some cases, a mistake can stop your readers short and your important message may become lost. A seemingly small oversight can change your meaning altogether. In other cases the result can be catastrophic. A misplaced comma in a price could potentially cost you hundreds, even thousands or millions of dollars! 

Isn't all this work just a big headache?

That's where I come in! Think of me as your remote pain reliever. Professional writing and editing services allow you to focus on your passion. I am here to help ensure your message comes across clearly and accurately while keeping in tune with your style and brand. That is my passion!

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